At Dallas Logic we specialize in eletronic design, circuit board design, and the delivery of PCB assemblies.

Our products and services consist of:

  • Electronic Circuit and FPGA design.
  • Custom FPGA,AMC,and FMC module development.
  • Turn-key circuit Card delivery, one or hundreds of pieces.
  • Evaluation, demo and OEM boards based on the latest ICS.

Latest News

"Dallas Logic introduces JESD204B based ADC/HSMC module. The DEV-ADC34J22 module utilizes Texas Instrument's ADC34J22 ADC device. Targeting cost sensitive industrial applications, the DEV-ADC34J22 module is available exclusively at Arrow Electronics. "- August 05, 2014
"Dallas Logic Introduces $79 SPI Based Ethernet Module. Dallas Logic Corporations CMI2001 offers 10/100 connectivity in an easily integrated package."- October 18, 2010
"Dallas Logic Corporation enters the FMC (VITA 57.1) arena with the release of their FMC-ADC01. Based on Texas Instrument’s ADS64xx family of ADCs, these devices support sample rates ranging from 65 MSPS to 125 MSPS."- July 30, 2009


Evaluation, demo, and OEM PCB assemblies based on the latest IC devices.

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  • Electronic Design
  • FPGA Design
  • Schematic / PCB Layout
  • Software / Firmware

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