CMCS002 Controller/FPGA Module

Customer Support Files:

CMCS002-2M User Guide Rel. 2
(480 KB)

CMCS002-2M Rev. A Schematic
(1.0 MB)

Nios/Quartus Starter Design
(1.5 MB) – stand-alone version, no Nios II

Quartus Starter Design
(5.3 MB) – includes Nios II processor

NiosII Design Readme
(533 KB)

Pin information spread-sheet
(23 KB)

Note: User modification of the starter design may be required to support compilation under the latest version of Quartus II.  This starter design is provided “as is”. Modification or support of this Nios II starter design is not included in the purchase price.

Information :

The CMCS002 module allows implementation of general logic functions and/or Altera® Nios II processor operation in a compact form factor module. The module provides the following circuits to support an FPGA based controller:

  • Altera EP3C25 FPGA
  • 512K X 8 SRAM
  • EP1S16 FPGA serial loader (FPGA and Nios II boot)
  • USB 2.0 Peripheral Port (low/full speed operation)

The CMCS002 kit includes an FPGA programmer and power supply, and provides all the hardware items which are necessary to start designing with and evaluating the powerful features of Altera® Cyclone III FPGA devices.

Module Details :

  1. Altera® EP3C25 FPGA, in –C8 speed grade in 256 pin BGA package.
  2. Separate programming ports (ASMI flash interface and JTAG interface).
  3. Reset and voltage monitor IC which provides 400mS reset pulse.
  4. Reset push-button switch.
  5. 109 input/output pins available on stack-through header.
  6. 3 discrete indicator LED (red, yellow, green).
  7. Clock oscillator (25 MHz).
  8. Populated with stack-through connector.
  9. EPCS16 (16Mbit) serial flash for FPGA configuration and Nios II software.
  10. 512K x 8 bit (4Mbit) SRAM for Nios II program execution and dynamic data storage.
  11. USB 2.0 full speed port (FT232RL).

Quartus II Starter Design :

  1. Created using Quartus II ver. 9.0 SP1.
  2. Nios II processor defined.
  3. All module pins are defined in top level schematic project file.
  4. Memory test with results indicated to LED.
  5. FPGA load from EPCS16.

Kit Package Contents :

  1. CMCS002 Cyclone III EP3C25 module.
  2. Wall mount 3.3VDC/2A switching supply.
  3. Altera® USB Blaster FPGA programmer.

Images :


Product Data :

Logic Elements (apprx. 50 gates per LE) 24624
M9K RAM Blocks (9216 bits per block) 66
RAM (K bits) 594
PLLs 4
18 bit x 18 bit Multipliers 66

EP3C25 module

CMCS002-2M-8 EP3C25 module 249.00 US
CMCS002-2M-8-KU EP3C25 USB Blaster kit 495.00