Digital/Electronic Design -

General electronic circuit and high speed digital design, including PCB physical design. We have experience with dense SMT designs, large BGA devices (1500+ pins), and PCB layer counts up 20 layers.

FPGA Design -

VHDL, Verilog, IP development for Altera® FPGA devices. We utilize Altera Quartus II for this service. Dallas Logic is an Altera® Design Services Network partner.

Schematic/PCB Layout -

We can provide schematic capture and PCB layout of your project using Altium Designer by Altium. We also have access to Mentor Expedition and Pads, and are experienced with Mentor Boardstation.

Software/Firmware -

C#: test framework implementation, UI development, control automation, Windows client/server application. Perl: Test data generation, data extraction, PostgreSQL database. C/Embedded C: Altera Nios II firmware and drivers, client/server development, proprietary algorithms. ARM/SoC: Custom u-boot and pre-loader, kernel driver, embedded Linux applications, Android interfacing.

Platform Development -

  • Altera® FPGA based modules
  • IOT products and connectivity, WiFi, Bluetooth
  • AMC modules (Advanced Mezzanine Card, Advanced MC)
  • FMC Modules (VITA 57.1 FPGA Mezzanine Card)
  • COM Express modules and carriers (COM-E)
  • PCI/PCI-Express IP and circuits.

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