Module Details :

  1. Quad ADC Module supporting JESD204B, Subclass 0 and 1.
  2. Features Texas Instruments new ADC34J22 JESD204B ADC device.
  3. Showcases JESD204B using Altera’s Cyclone V family of FPGAs.
  4. Two RF DC Coupled input channels via TIs new THS4541 differential amplifier.
  5. Two RF AC Coupled input channels.
  6. DC Input – Input Range +/-0.5V (1Vpp), DC-15 MHz
  7. AC Input – Input Range +/-1.0V (2Vpp), 0.5 – 200 MHz
  8. External Clock and Trigger input.
  9. Compatible with ARROW Electronics SOCKIT Cyclone V evaluation platform.
  10. Reference design available for SOCKIT board.
  11. VHDL based design files (Quartus) include MTI’s JESD core instantiation.
  12. DEV-ADC34J22 module is configured at power-up by SOCs ARM processor (ADC and LMK04828).

Information :

The DEV-ADC34J22 module is based on Altera’s® HSMC (High Speed Mezzanine Card) specification.  The module provides the following primary devices:

  • Texas Instruments ADC34J22 ADC device
    Supports sampling rates up to 50MSPS at 12 bit resolution
  • Texas Instruments LMK04828B Clock IC with Jitter Cleaner
  • 10 MHz TCXO Reference Oscillator
  • 100 MHz VCXO – First Loop VCO
  • Texas Instruments THS4541 Differential Amplifier

The DEV-ADC34J22 module is intended to be connected to ARROW® Electronic’s SOCKIT CYCLONE V development platform via the HSMC connector.  The DEV-ADC34J22 provides a reference clock to the SOCKIT host FPGA system board, and can also utilize external trigger and reference clock inputs.  Other HSMC based FPGA host boards can also be utilized.

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Customer Support Files :

 DEV-ADC34J22 Brochure (1.2 MB)
 DEV-ADC34J22 User Guide Rel.1.0 (1.9 MB)
 DEV-ADC34JXX Schematic Rev. B2 (822 KB)

Link To ARROW Electronics DEV-ADC34J22 Product Page
Link To ARROW Electronics SOCKIT Product Page 

Product Data :

DEV-ADC34J22 ADC34J22 HSMC Module 200.00 US