CMC5001 MAX-V CPLD Module

Module Details :

  1. Altera® 5M2210ZF324I5N CPLD, –I5 speed grade, 324 pin BGA package.
  2. JTAG programming port.
  3. Reset, voltage monitor, Watchdog IC which provides 400mS reset pulse.
  4. Reset push-button switch.
  5. 220 input/output PCB pads available. Standard or stack-through pin headers are optional.
  6. 3 discrete indicator LED (red, yellow, green).
  7. 3 User push-button switches.
  8. Clock oscillator (25 MHz).
  9. EPCS64 (64Mbit) serial flash for FPGA configuration and Nios II software.
  10. Microchip TC-77 Temperature Sensor.
  11. 3 Microchip 25AA1024 EEPROM(1024K bits).

Information :

The CMC5001 MAX-V module allows implementation of CPLD logic functions in a compact form factor module. The module provides the following devices:

  • Altera 5M2210 CPLD
  • TC-77 Temperature Sensor
  • 25AA1024 EEPROM(1024K bits), Quantity 3
  • 256 Pin Module Configuration

The CMC5001 MAX-V module also supports the Cardstac specification (master or slave standard card, 256 pin), and can interface with other modules designed to the Cardstac specification.

The CMC5001 MAX-V kit includes a USB Blaster programmer and power supply, and provides all items which are necessary to start evaluating the powerful features of Altera® MAX V CPLD devices.

Customer Support Files :

CMC5001 Quick Start Guide Rel. 1.0

CMC5001 REVA Schematic
(110 KB)

Quartus Starter Design 5M2210 Quartus Ver.11
(1.7 MB)

Note: User modification of the starter design may be required to support compilation under the latest version of Quartus II.  This starter design is provided “as is”. Modification or support of this Nios II starter design is not included in the purchase price.

Product Data :

CMC5001-0M-2210-5 MAX-V CPLD Module 229.00 US
CMC5001-0M-2210-5-KU MAX-V USB Blaster Kit 449.00 US